With a true passion for health, fitness, and nutrition, Tikvah loves nothing more than seeing her clients reach their goals for strength and overall bodily wellness. Tikvah believes any person who sets their mind to it can unlock their body’s true fitness potential, and she is a kind, inspiring coach who helps her clients reach their goals as quickly and safely as possible. As a body-positive coach, Tikvah especially loves helping others achieve self-confidence and being comfortable with their bodies while motivating them along the way to their fitness milestones as they learn more about their capabilities.

Since she obtained her 450-hour comprehensive certification in Pilates by Pilates Sports Center, Tikvah has been spending her time teaching full-time in the best studios across Los Angeles while crafting a unique motivational spin on teaching and training. Before she started teaching privately, she worked at Equinox Group, a luxury fitness company, as a Pilates instructor and personal trainer. 

Tikvah is Panamanian-American and her name means “hope” in Hebrew. She loves sports. Over the years, she has played competitive volleyball as well as track and field. She follows a vegan, plant-based diet. She has a goofy side and loves making people laugh and loosen up both inside and outside the gym setting. 

When you work with Tikvah, you won’t just feel like yet another client on her list. You’ll develop a true passion for fitness, wellness, and nutrition. 

Ready to get started? Call 818-531-5479 to learn more about how Tikvah can help you achieve your fitness goals.